[How long can my bayberry be eaten?

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[How long can my bayberry be eaten?
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In the matter of eating bayberry, everyone must pay attention to relevant skills. There is a lot of attention to eating bayberry. When picking bayberry, many people will pick it up and eat it directly. It ‘s not healthy to eat. Everyone knows that it is easy to eat bayberry.Insects, especially the mature bayberry, are particularly prone to some small bugs, so you must wash them before eating, and you can also eat bayberry to eat. Here is how to make bayberry.

How long can bayberry be eaten?
For making white wine of bayberry wine, it is best to choose light-flavored or rice-flavored white wine. Do not choose strong-flavored or sauce-flavored white wine, because the white wine with too strong flavor will cover up the aroma of bayberry.

In addition to Chinese liquor, you can choose Japanese or Korean sake, or brandy, gin, rum, and whiskey.

Bayberry can be left for soaking for about half a month, and more continuous soaking will reappear the color of bayberry. After bayberry has absorbed too much alcohol, the wine taste will fade. If it is placed continuously, bayberry and wine can be separated and stored.

The brewed bayberry wine can be drunk directly. It can be awake after the hot days are cold, or add ice cubes, soda and so on.

Method for brewing bayberry wine: tools / raw bayberry 500g, glutinous rice wine 500ml, rock sugar 150g. Steps / methods: Choose fresh and unbroken bayberry, remove leaves, stems, and clean bayberry with high-grade white wine.

The jars of myrtle wine are cleaned and dried thoroughly.

Put bayberry and rock sugar in layers, that is, a layer of bayberry and a layer of rock sugar, put them in a bottle, and finally pour all the wine, let the wine flow through the bayberry, tightly seal and store it in a cool, cool and dark place,Three months at room temperature.

After unsealing, quickly separate the pulp and wine.

When drinking, you can pour a small cup, add ice cubes and honey, refreshing and sweet.

The brewed bayberry wine can always be drunk, and it can also be used as a cooking wine, especially when cooking chicken, duck, beef and other fishy smells.

Bayberry wine storage: Bayberry wine should not be soaked for too long, it is advisable within a month, the longer the time, the darker the wine.

But the storage time is not necessarily, it can be determined according to personal taste.

Some people like to eat bayberry in wine. The bayberry should not be soaked for too long, otherwise bayberry will have no taste. Generally, bayberry can be tasted next week.

Some people like to drink bayberry wine. The soaking time of bayberry may be longer. Wait until the wine color becomes darker and the bayberry is rich in flavor.

How long does the bayberry wine taste so delicious?

Bayberry wine should be brewed for at least a month, and some bayberry wine will be darker in color. You can store the bayberry wine in the refrigerator for refrigerating. It will be refreshing to drink and must have certain health effects.

When brewing bayberry wine, you must soak it for at least one month so that the taste will be good. The longer the time, the darker the wine color will be. The bayberry wine will be more refreshing after refrigerated.A good choice.