[Effects of Cassima Tima]_ exert _ effect

[Effects of Cassima Tima]_ exert _ effect

Cassima Tima, also known as Khaki Fatima, is a Chinese herbal medicine that is usually grown in tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia.

Although this herb is relatively common, many people have not heard of it, and because the name sounds romantic, many people think it is the name of a flower.

In fact, Cassima Tima also has many functions and effects, especially in women’s beauty, weight loss, breast enhancement, dysmenorrhea and postpartum recovery.

1. Breast enhancement, beautiful buttocks Cage flower Tima contains the level and activity of estrogen, which can be combined with the human body’s estrogen, resulting in a slight concentration of the waist and abdomen to the buttocks and hips.Female s-shaped figure.

2. Beauty and beauty Kaki Huatima also has the effect of beauty and beauty, tightening the skin, restoring the healthy vitality of the cells, improving the facial skin condition, lightening the spots and beauty, and smoothing the wrinkles.

Because of its natural estrogen effect, it can exude the charm of women.

3, postpartum recovery Kaki Huatima is very good for women preparing for pregnancy, postpartum recovery and reorganization, it can regulate hormones, balance endocrine, balance yin and yang, can also enhance sexual desire, effectively assist pregnancy.

The skin will relax after the birth, especially the abdomen, bones, and uterus. The astringent effect of Niu Yukiqi Fatima can converge the uterus, tighten the abdomen and tibia, and accelerate the postpartum body recovery.

4. Relieving dysmenorrheaDysmenorrhea is a hormonal imbalance that affects endocrine, and abnormal contraction of the uterus, resulting in complications of uterine muscle contraction and dysmenorrhea. Niuyu Kaki Huatima can balance hormones, regulate human endocrine, promote endometrium, smooth muscleMetabolism fundamentally solves the problem of dysmenorrhea.

5. Relieves menopausal symptoms Kaki Fatima can tighten sagging skin and reduce facial wrinkles.

It can solve gynecological diseases, gynecological inflammation, and menopausal symptoms due to hormonal imbalance.

In addition to the above, Kaki Huatima has the effects of reducing osteoporosis and protecting cardiovascular health.

6. Taboos of Kaqi Huatima According to research, due to the environment, artificial intervention, transformation, substitution with impurities, artificially grown Kaqi Huatima is harmful to certain health.

The wild animal Kaki Flower Tima is a natural plant without any complications to the body. It is grown in an environment without artificial development and has high medicinal ingredients, which is unmatched by the artificially grown Kaki Flower Tima.

However, there are some contraindications that need to be paid attention to. Pregnant women, underage children or women who are breastfeeding should not be taken, and women should also stop taking it during menstruation.